Video Review Terms

For transparnency, these are the terms I send to anyone wanting a video review.

Terms for a Video Review

For transparency, these are the terms I send, and the requesting party must agree to before I'll do a video review. I have updated these terms recently based on feedback from my community.

Note: I do not now, nor have I ever, nor will I ever taken part in setting any pricing for any product or service reviewed on my channel.  The products and services covered here are priced by their owners / parent company.

Review Video Response and Terms

A few stats about my channel:  
- 136000 + Subscribers  
- Approximately 5 % to 11 % of views are from subscribers, The rest of my traffic on any video is from users searching specifically for the topic I'm covering.  Do you have specific search terms you'd like included with a video if I make one?

Terms for video reviews:  
1. The hardware must be able to run open source operating systems and software. Software reviews will only be done on software with a fully open source version licnesed under a proper open source license.  
2. Preferably the BIOS is open source based.  
3. You may not review my video prior to its public release, or dictate my thoughts on the product in any way.  
4. You can provide (if you want to) images for marketing, keywords for search optimization, and a discount code for the product specific to my channel and viewers to help you track performance.  
5. If any discount is offered, and it is time limited, I need to know the limits before posting my video so I can address them in the video. 
6. I may reach out with questions about issues I find with the product seeking solutions or technical help.
7. I may seek answers about updates or fixes that need to be done, or may be coming in the future to mention in the video if any defects are found during the review process.

Hardware Reviews
    - I need a shipping slip that will be used to return the review unit, and request a valid discount code or tracking URL for the product for use by my audience after the review video is completed.  The discount code / URL should be valid for no less than 30 days after the agreed upon date for the video to be published.

Software Only Reviews
    - For software only reviews, I ask that a discount code / URL be made available for my viewers for the licensed (paid) version of the software for no less than 30 days after the date the video is posted.

If these terms are satisfactory, I'm happy to perform a review for you.