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Build an MSP on Open Source

Amazingly powerful software that's perfect for starting your own MSP (Managed Service Provider) business.


Open Source Communication Applications and Tools


File Sharing and Syncing

Identity Management

Inventory Management

Tools for managing inventory in your home or business.

Invoicing / Ticketing / Support

Open source invoicing, ticketing, and support tracking software.


Open source media applications that you can self host and run for sharing your media across your network, across the internet, ...


Amazing open source applications to help you setup, maintain, monitor, fix, and expand your network and networking capabilities.

Open Source Backups

Information on Open Source Backup Tools

Open Source DIY

Open Source Tools

Great Open Source Tools that are self hosted or free to use.

Project / Product Management

Remote Meetings

Remote Mgmt / Support

Open source tools for remote machine management and support.

Server Management

Tools, Applications, and Utilities for managing servers, whether virtual, containerized, or physical.

Special Series

Supporting Open Source