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Identity Management

Network Device Discovery

Docker Management

Home Network Setup on Open Source

Setting up a more capable and advanced home network on open source software.


Netmaker for Remote Network Access via Wireguard.

Nextcloud All In One

Install and initial setup of Nextcloud All-in-one AIO solution.

Open Source Business Tally Book

Cost comparison between using Open Source vs. Closed Source software for running a business and providing services to a client / and your staff.

Open Source Note Taking

Time Tracking


An incredible remote monitoring, and secure remote access tool.

Better, More Clear, Audio

Password Security

Open Source Gaming

Wikis, Documentation, and Blogs

SSH GUI FIle Browsing / Transfer

Uptime Kuma

Install Docker, Docker-Compose and More in Under 5 Minutes

Music Streaming


Vaultwarden / Bitwarden

Password Security

Low Code, or No Code - Open Source Game Development

Open Source Gaming


Wikis, Documentation, and Blogs

Snowflake (Muon)

SSH GUI FIle Browsing / Transfer


Self Hosted Dashboards


Music Streaming

pfSense and DD-WRT

VLANs and Advanced Setup on Open Source



A lightweight server to start communicating on the Fediverse


Backup Software to Save your Data


Backup Software to Save your Data

Run Mesh Central In Docker

Mesh Central


Network / Internet Speedtests

The Comparison Chart

The Remote Access Application Comparison


WebTops for Remote Sessions

Installing Seafile with Docker

Seafile File Sharing

MStream Music Streamer

Music Streaming

Installing WorkAdventure




Database Management

MySQL Workbench

Database Management

NetBox - Open Source Network Inventory and Mapping

NetBox - Open Source Network Mapping

NetBox is an Apache 2.0 licensed open source software suite that allows you to design, map, and manage your network and infrastructure systems.   Let me be clear, and you should read the NetBox docs for more detail, but NetBox is not a network monitoring sy...

RustDesk - Open Source Remote Support alternative to AnyDesk, TeamViewer

RustDesk - Open Source Remote Support Tool

What Is It? RustDesk is an open source, remote desktop system that gives you control of your own server, and client software. If you've ever used TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Remotely, GoToAssist, GoToMyPc, and a whole host of other options, then you'll understand...

Adding Widgets to the Dashy Dashboard

Self Hosted Dashboards Dashy - Widgets

I showed you how to setup and use a really nice homepage / dashboard for all of your self hosted services a while back called Dashy.  I've stuck with it since then, and have just been super happy with it.  It has active development, and tons of new features ...

Using NetDiscover to find Network Devices

Network Device Discovery NetDiscover

As I've been re-working my home network, moving from an Eero Mesh install to an open source setup using OPNSense as my firewall and router, and DD-WRT for my Wired / Wireless Access Points, one thing I didn't want ot mess up was my IP addressing that I had s...

Pi-Alert - Network Device Discovery and Change Notifications

Network Device Discovery Pi-Alert

One of the things i really like about Eero was a notification about a new device joining my network.  I think it was really more based on a new lease being pulled from DHCP, but still it let me know when Family members or friends came by and got close enough...

Yacht - a WebUI for Docker Management

Docker Management Yacht

If you're already into self-hosting, and home-labbing (yes, I just made that word up I think), then you have probably used docker at some point.  If you have, and you haven't heard of the great tools out there for Graphical User interface based management of...

Installing Portainer-CE and / or Portainer Agent

Docker Management Portainer

I'm making this as an update to my Portainer video that is now easily more than a year and a half old.  The good news is that the old video for Portainer install is really the same as this one will be, except that since the original video the Portainer team ...

DD-WRT Install and AP Setup

Home Network Setup on Open Source DD-WRT for Access Points

I am combining the post for these two videos, as they are actually closely related.  If you've never heard of or used DD-WRT, then you'll be interested to know that it's been around for at least 15 years, if not more.  It's some amazing open source software ...

OPNSense Install and Initial Setup

Home Network Setup on Open Source OPNSense Install and Setup

I've been wanting to switch away from my Eero mesh wireless network for almost a year and a half.  I really wanted a system that I had more control over, and an open source option was my ideal situation.  I have made several attempts to do this over the past...

Installing Zabbix Monitor with Docker

Zabbix Zabbix Install with Docker

UPDATED: June 6, 2024 with newer instructions I've been asked about Zabbix for a while now.  I have covered some other solutions for monitoring equipment / services in the past.  CheckMK, using Dashy Widgets, Glances, NetData, and several others are some re...

Setting up a Remote Access Wireguard VPN with Netmaker

Netmaker for Remote Network Access via ... Netmaker - Wireguard GUI with Power

In Business, or home use, networking is often a very tough nut to crack.  In today's world, where we choose privacy over convenience, the search continues for solutions to help us have a seamless experience in accessing our data, applications, system, and me...

Install and Setup Nextcloud All-In-One (AIO)

Nextcloud All In One

Nextcloud has come a long way over the past few years.  It is truly a tool for the self-hoster, the open source enthusiast, and now it is a spectacular tool for the Open Source Businessman.  You need a way to communicate with your staff, users, clients, and ...

The Initial Tally Book

Open Source Business Tally Book

As we continue in the Building a Business on Open Source, we should take time occasionally to look at the cost analysis of using Open Source software versus the Closed Source popular alternative(s).  I believe this is valualbe for a few reasons. We should...

Install Trilium Notes Syncing Server and Desktop App

Open Source Note Taking Trilium Notes

  Trilium Notes is an impressively powerful note taking application with a lot of great add-on features that allow for chart drawing, mermaid charts, Latex style numerical formulas and much more.  It boasts a syncing server that is fairly easy to setup, as w...

Install and Use Traggo Time Tracking

Time Tracking Traggo

Tracking the time you spend on projets for your various clients is extremely important. Customers want to know what value they are getting for their money.  They want to see why you are billing them for the time you claim, and a time tracking application is ...

Installing, Open Source Flow and Design Install

Diagramming is a powerful tool in the world in general. It can help you convey ideas from the very simple to the extremely complex with far less effort than to try and transmit the context of ideas and workflows with words alone. There are literally tons of...

Installing and Configure RPort for Remote Monitoring and Access


These shownotes have been removed as RPort is no longer Open Source. Sadly - RPort was purchased in 2023 by RealVNC. RealVNC reportely (not confirmed by me) said they would keep RPort Open Source when they were purchasing the company / solution, but apparentl...

Install and Use Cadmus

Better, More Clear, Audio Cadmus

Why? Working remote has been a huge change for a lot of us.  Making these videos for the last two and a half years has been a huge learning experience for me, especially when it comes to our mics and background noise. When we all started working remote, me...

Install Vaultwarden, and Host Your Own Password Manager

Password Security Vaultwarden / Bitwarden

Vaultwarden is a compatible, open source, back end for Bitwarden written in Rust.  It is extremely light on resource requirements, and will work with any of the Bitwarden clients in your browsers and mobile devices. Why Run My Own Password Manager There ar...

GDevelop and Superpowers

Open Source Gaming Low Code, or No Code - Open Source Game...

I'm always trying to encourage my nieces and nephews to get into programming.  I think Apple really hit the nail on the head with their Swift Playground app that teaches kids how the basics of development works, and gives them some really great logic pussles...